Termo+ DHW heat pumps 300L High Effiecency+Air

Air / Water




Highly efficient and air duct

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Termo+ DHW heat pumps


Why should we use a heat pump for heating of domestic hot water?


A heat pump is the most environmentally friendly and energy saving method of heating domestic hot water.




  • Cost savings in hot water heating are increased by at least four times.
  • The most eco-friendly way of heating domestic hot water – CO2 emissions are reduced by over 62%.
  • Really short reimbursement period of the investment (around 5 years) – if we exclude the costs of the water heater, which we need in any case, then the reimbursement period is even shorter.
  • In addition to domestic hot water heating, we also get the possibility of cooling smaller spaces, cellars or storage rooms, free of charge.
  • The possibility to use the heat pump throughout the entire year and to connect it to any heating boiler, since all heat pumps have an additional built-in tube heat exchanger. The combination with a wood or biomass boiler is particularly popular, because in the summer it is very inefficient to burn wood for hot water heating.
  • In comparison to the solar panels, the investment in a heat pump is half as big, warm water is provided throughout the whole year, irrespective of the season, and there are no particular difficulties with the installation and maintenance.


Advantages of sanitary hot water Termo+ heat pumps:


Multi-functional controller provides optimal heat pump management with functions like automatic anti- legionella program and weekly timer. 


High efficient rotary compressor developed especially for sanitary hot water heat pumps ensures low operating costs, long lifetime and hot water up to 62˚C. This allows us execution of anti-legionella program without additional electric heater.


Thermostatic expansion valve with internal equalizer and possibility of external superheat adjustment provides optimal operation and more responsive heat pump.


External large-surface condenser heats up water faster due to bigger heat transfer surface. Indirect heating prevents leakage of the refrigerant into sanitary hot water.


ECQ fan provides silent operation and high air flow at 65 % lower electricity costs.


Large evaporator with optimal fin spacing provides efficient operation even at difficult operating conditions.


Top quality enamelled water tank with a build-in MG anode provides a complete anticorrosion protection. High quality PU insulation ensures low heat losses.


Basic and AIR version:


This version enables you to ventilate selected rooms. Air ducts are mounted from the air intake point through a heat pump to the outlet point. A total length of ducts should not exceed 10 m.


HE version - a highly efficient version:


A heat pump incorporates a highly efficient rotary compressor developed especially for heat pump. Higher efficiency up to 30 %.


SOLAR version - double heat exchanger:


The version with water heaters with a 230 - liter volume and more can be also delivered as the Solar version with a double heat exchanger in the water heater. They are intended for demanding customers wanting to simultaneously utilise three different ways of heating water - heat pump, a boiler and solar panels.

Heat pump typeAir / Water
COP4,55 (EN 255-3)
Tank volume L300
Heating Power (kW)2
Electric power (kW)0,44
Measures (H X diameter)1850 X 660
VersionHighly efficient and air duct

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