Dehumidifier Rise 08

Absorbcinis (be kompresoriaus)

100 m2


1°C - 37°C

310,00 €

232,50 €

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  • Extinguish Humidity
    Thanks to the desiccant, without compressor, technology you can enjoy dehumidified air, even at 1°C room temperature.

  • Energy Saving
    Save up to 80% on operation costs.

  • Heat Booster
    The outlet of warm air from the dehumidifier, 10°C-12°C warmer than the room’s temperature, helps enhance the heating system.

  • Silent Operation
    The ideal solution where a low noise level is desired, such as bedrooms. Thanks to the new design, noise is now a thing of the past.

  • ECO Mode
    Enable the ECO mode to enjoy low power consumption, 50% less than normal operation

  • Air Ionizer
    It generates negative ions that disinfect and sterilize the air while creating a healthy, secure, and tranquil environment

  • Turbo
    For quick and direct dehumidification use the Turbo mode.

  • Smart Water Tank
    The water tank is equipped with a window allowing for an easy assessment of the water level. When the water tank is full, the indicator will be displayed on the screen and the device automatically shuts off, preventing overflow.

  • Continuous Dehumidification
    During the continuous dehumidification operation, the unit operates constantly, removing the humidity from the air. The unit will not acknowledge any preset humidity levels during this mode of operation.

  • Continuous Drainage
    For continuous drainage simply connect a hose from the unit to a drainage system.

  • Louver Swing

  • Air Filter

  • Ergonomic Handle
    The dehumidifier is equipped with a special ergonomic handle for easy movement and repositioning.

  • Auto Restart
    After a power outage, the device will automatically start with the previous settings.

  • 8 Hour Timer

TypeAbsorbcinis (be kompresoriaus)
The accommodation for up to100 m2
External dimensions Pl / Gy / Au (mm)351x180x500
Rated Power (W)30/330/650
The quantity of air (m3/h)120
Water capacity (L)2
Collect the water content (L/24h)8
Net weight (kg)6,3
Operation Temperature Range (Room Temp)1°C - 37°C

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  • 310,00 € 232,50 €
    Absorbcinis (be kompresoriaus)
    100 m2
    1°C - 37°C

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