Šilumos Siurblys Oras/Oras "King", -30C, WiFi 3,5kW



80 m2




1 630,00 €

1 467,00 €

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King series heat pumps for maximum savings and heating efficiency!

The King series - 9,000 and 12,000 Btu / h - has a huge impact on energy savings - the A +++ energy class is in every climate zone and guarantees maximum performance even in the harshest weather conditions. Ensure significant reductions in functional costs with Wi-Fi remote control. The new King series will impress with innovative motion detector technology that helps save energy and maintain temperature, depending on your situation. Thanks to the Superpower Ionizer and Triple Action filters, you can achieve maximum comfort, as the air distribution in the room is up to 10 m and at the same time ensures a clean and healthy environment, free of bacteria and unpleasant odors. Advanced Golden Fin coating and Compressor &

Motion detector

 Motion detector

Ensure maximum energy savings and the most ideal conditions in your place with innovative motion detector technology. Create the desired atmosphere by adjusting the airflow of the air conditioner so that it is directed towards or in front of your position and enjoy impeccable comfort conditions. Functional costs and money savings are achieved thanks to the ability of the motion detector to reduce or ensure its operation every time your presence or absence is detected.

Wi-Fi standard

Wifi management

 Easily control your climate wherever you are with your smartphone or tablet. Download the Invmate II app for free through Google Play and the App Store and achieve optimal temperature conditions while saving energy.



The ionizer generates ions that produce energy, this energy reduces various odors, dust and smoke, creating a cleaner and healthier atmosphere.

Triple action filter


The Triple Action filter with vitamin C, silver ion and cold catalyst protects your skin and improves the air.

Maximum air flow at 10 m

Air flow

Take advantage of the air conditioner's ability to distribute the air in the room up to a distance of 10 m and reach the desired temperature in each place.


K compressor and crankcase heating belt

Outdoor block

The advanced outdoor unit cover with a special heating belt on the bottom and on the compressor guarantees maximum protection in the harshest weather conditions, ensuring the extension and perfect operation of the air conditioner lifebuoy and ensuring excellent heating conditions in the area. a fast and efficient way.



Šilumos siurblio tipas Oras/Oras
Tipas Sieniniai
Skirtas patalpai iki: 80 m2
Šaldymo galia nuo-iki (kW) 0,99-4,16
Šildymo galia nuo-iki (kW) 0,75-7,00
Energijos šaldymo klasė A+++
Šaldymo galia (kW) 3,5
SEER 9,0
Šildymo galia (kW) 3,1
Energijos šildymo klasė A+++
COP 5,3
Srovės (A) šaldymas 3,3 (0,4-8,5)
Srovės (A) šildymas 4,1 (0,45-11,4)
Galia (W) šaldymas 750 (102-1,955)
Galia (W) šildymo 943 (104-2,625)
Oro srautas aukšt./vid./žem (m3/h) 565/430/285/220
Įtampa / dažnis / fazės (V / Hz / Ph) 230/50/1
Vidinis aukšt/žem. triukšmingumas (dB (A)) 21/31/37/45
Kompresoriaus tipas ROTACINIS
Skysčio/dujų linijos" 1/4"-3/8"
Įvadinis kabelis laukiniui bl. (Noxmm2)/saugiklis (A) 3X1,5/10
Signalinis laidas (mm2) 5X1,5
Vidiniai išmatavimai Pl/Gy/Au (mm) 895x248x298
Išoriniai išmatavimai Pl/Gy/Au (mm) 800x333x554
Vidinis/išorinis grynas svoris (kg.) 13/36,4
Šaltnešis R32 / 870g
Temperatūrinis veikimo diapozonas (°C) - šaldymas -25-50
Temperatūrinis veikimo diapozonas (°C) - šildymas -30-30